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Physical Activity Foundation

About This Project

Partnering with ACT Government, the Physical Activity Foundation facilitate ‘The Ride or Walk to School’ program. Designed to drive culture change within the school community to once again, make riding and walking to school the norm for our kids. The three-year program provides ACT schools with free biking equipment, teacher training, resources, workshops and a whole lot more to ensure the whole school community gets back in the saddle (or their sneakers!) to embrace riding and walking to school.

26 Hundred were engaged to develop branding Ride or Walk to School and 4 other sister programs – Fresh Tastes, Kids at Play, Healthy Food at Sport and It’s your move.

The branding for each program needed to be similar enough that when shown together they would look like sister programs, but different enough to be a brand of itself.

In this Project

> Branding
Print Design
> Publications
Web Design
> Photography
> Videography
> Illustration

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